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The I.S. Department Ltd.
The I.S. Department Ltd.

The I.S. Department Ltd.

With fifteen regional offices located in major cities across Asia; with over 25-years experience helping standardize and integrate operations across Asia; and with five dedicated service divisions specializing in the primary support disciplines - The I.S. Department has the reach, experience, and skills to help its customers design, implement, and support all their systems needs across the Asia Pacific region.

Let The I.S. Department help you - “Be the Solution”


Our infrastructure teams are on-the-ground in each city to help source, stage, implement, and support your information systems across Asia.
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Our teams are experienced with the growing list of IP and IoT technologies. We are able to help implement and support the expanding list of IP based voice, music, and video solutions.
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Our certified network experts design, implement, monitor, and Mmaintain your communications securely between sites, ensuring communications remain secure and stable.
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Our remote services teams are a first point of contact and isolation of problems for users, offices, or retail outlets across Asia.
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Our ERP consulting teams are experienced in a wide-range of industries, supporting most well known platforms, helping you to remain competitive in todays rapidly changing world
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Infrastructure Support Services (​ISS)

Our local support teams act as our customers eyes, ears, and hands on the ground.
We understand the policy, procedure, and compliance issues that must be maintained for large organizations. Our management teams are able assist with the coordination and integration of the Asia operations into the corporate environment.

Our regional project management teams are experienced with infrastructure systems technology for a wide range of industry solutions. From process manufacturing, to regional data centres and offices, or shopping malls and retail stores.

​Internet Protocol Technologies (IPT)

Unify your business with Internet Protocol (IP) based solutions. Integrate voice and instant messaging with your E-mail and CRM systems. Provide your teams with the modern tools they need to communicate, make informed decisions, and take rapid action in order to give your business the competitive advantage.

No matter your business size or industry, there is an IP video and surveillance solution for you. From motion or intrusion detection and auto tracking, to people counters and traffic analytics; the I.S. Department is able to help you define, implement, and support the solution to meet your IP video and surveillance needs.

Network Management (NWM)

Our unique support model enables us to provide flexible support solutions to meet a wide variety of network support needs.  Under regional support contract we are able to provide assigned, scheduled network systems tasks for emergency and next day support.

We use modern technologies to monitor and proactively attend to potential network issues. Our network management team is on call 18/7 within the Asia region. If any issues require hands on the ground, our local Infrastructure Support Services (ISS) teams will be dispatched to the site to help resolve the physical problem.

Remote Support Services (RSS)

More efficient communications, more effective solutions. Our Remote Support Services division is comprised of team members who speak both the local languages natively, as well as English in each country of operation.

We use the latest monitoring and maintenance application tools to help manage our customers data centre systems - often helping to identify potential issues and preventing potential problems before they ever occur.

​Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Developing a proper strategy to ensure your business systems are able to meet growth goals is critical. Integrating the legacy application puzzle together in todays world is a complex process. The I.S. Department is able to look at the big picture with you considering all aspects of your application platform.

Providing the right information to management in a timely manner, so that they are able to identify a weaknesses in the business, or react to a change in customer demand, enables a business to stay ahead. The I.S. Department works with you as a partner to help your business stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.


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